Urevo 2S Lite Treadmill


Intelligent 8% Incline Functionality: Dynamic incline adjusts up to 8%, simulating various terrains for diverse workouts, maximizing calorie burn and muscle engagement.
LED Super-sized Visualization Panel: All-in-one panel displays speed, distance, time, calories, and incline, ensuring clear, distraction-free tracking for optimized performance.
8-Point Shock Absorption and Dual-layer Running Deck: Advanced shock absorption minimizes joint impact, while the dual-layer deck provides a natural outdoor feel for enhanced comfort and confidence in every step.
Smart App Integration for Convenience, Quietness, and Safety: Seamlessly control workouts via the app, enjoy whisper-quiet operation, and stay safe with built-in security features, creating a personalized, immersive running experience with ease.


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    Seamless Fusion of Fitness and Productivity

    Spacewalk 2S Lite Treadmill With Auto Incline

    The Walkingpad offers both horizontal and vertical placement options, maximizing space efficiency. Adapt effortlessly to any room layout, saving valuable floor space without sacrificing convenience.

    8% Incline, Max Calorie Incineration

    Elevate your workout with our treadmill's automated 8% incline, targeting arms, glutes, and abs for max calorie burn. Achieve peak fitness results with precision.

    Precision 8-Point Shock Absorption

    Experience effortless impact reduction with our treadmill's advanced 8-point shock absorption system. Safeguard your joints from strain and discomfort

    Expanded Tread Belt Area for Enhanced Comfort

    With a generous 16.5 * 42.5-inch tread belt area, our treadmill offers increased comfort and freedom of movement during your workout sessions. Enjoy a more spacious and comfortable exercise experience, allowing for greater flexibility and range of motion.

    Run Anytime, Anywhere

    Experience the best of both worlds with our treadmill. It's powerful enough to support your workout needs while remaining remarkably quiet, ensuring you can run without disturbing others, anytime, anywhere.

    Maximize Your Fitness Tracking

    Dive into your workout with our expansive visual display. Easily view all your vital stats in one place, from speed and distance to calories burned, keeping you motivated and on track towards your fitness goals.

    Upright Storage

    Remote Holder

    Fur-textured Belt

    What's in the Box