About Urevo

With high-quality, sturdy, compact, easy-to-use fitness equipment that takes up minimal space and fits in any apartment, Urevo empowers everyone to enjoy fitness with ease, from the comfort of home, and on their own time, including people of all ages, people living in small spaces, people too busy to exercise in a gym, people working from home, people in rehab, people wanting to work out in challenging weather conditions, and more. With Urevo, fitness is no longer hindered by the long home-to-gym commute, the huge footprint of traditional gear, the expensive gym membership, the judgment from others, the complexity to use the products, and many other kinds of obstacles.

Brand Concept

With advanced technology, constant innovation, efficient supply chains, and user-centered values, Urevo eliminates the barriers between people and fitness, making health and fitness easily available for all kinds of people.


Urevo strives to make fitness easy for everyone, enabling people to enjoy fitness and live healthier lives anywhere, anytime.

Our Factory