Spacewalk E1 Treadmill

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Double Shock Absorption: UREVO walking pad features a 5-layer running belt, 8 silicone shock absorbers, and 2 soft rubber pads, which effectively protect users' knees, making walking and jogging more comfortable, while also reducing noise. 
Compact and Portable: The under-desk treadmill dimensions are 46.57 x 19.29 x 4.45 inches, making it easy to store under desks, beds, or sofas. It weighs only 37.5 lbs and is equipped with two wheels at the bottom, making it extremely easy to lift and move around.
Quiet Treadmill for Home/Office: Equipped with a silent motor, the speed range is 0.6-4 mph. With the dual shock absorption system, the noise is < 45 dB.
LED Display & Remote Control: The LED display screen shows speed, distance, time, and calories, allowing users to track the workout data at any time. Additionally, the speed can be conveniently adjusted using the remote control, adding to the overall convenience and safety of the treadmill.

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    Less Knee lmpact

    Compact, Quick WorkMode Switching

    Dual Shock Absorbers

    E1 Walking Pad Is Designed With Double Shock Absorption, Including 2 Honeycomb Shock Absorbers And 8 Silicone Shock Absorbers, Which Can Absorb The Vibration Generated During Running, Protect The User'S Knees, Make Walking.

    Compact and Easy to Store

    The Under Desk Treadmill Is Easy To Transport And Store, The Product Size Is 46.57 X 19.29 X 4.45 Inches And Weighs Only 37.5 Lbs, The Wheels Make It Easy For The User To Move Around Anytime And Anywhere, And It Can Be Stored Under The Desk, Under The Bed, And Under The Sofa, Which Is Very Space-Saving.

    LED Display & Remote Control

    LED display can rotate to show time, speed, distance, calories, convenient to track the real-time exercise data during walking and running, with the remote control to use, you can easily start and shut down the treadmill, convenient and safe.

    Powerful & Quiet Motor

    5-Layer Running Belt

    Wear-resistant surface, Noise reduction layer, High strength reinforced layer, EVA shcok absorption layer, High strength support layer

    Technical Parameters
    Product Dimensions

    ‎46.57"D x 19.29"W x 4.45"H

    Item Weight

    37.48 Pounds


    Alloy Steel

    Maximum Speed

    ‎4 Miles per Hour

    Maximum Horsepower

    ‎2 Horsepower

    Display Type


    Deck Length

    ‎40.16 Inches

    Deck Width

    ‎15 Inches

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Cid Herman

    I am over the moon thrilled with my new UREVO WALKING PAD, PORTABLE UNDER DESK TREADMILL WITH REMOTE CONTROL AND LED DISPLAY. I've always had my doubts that a small, flat, lightweight treadmill would actually be able to meet my fitness goals and needs. I've only ever used the ones they have at the gym. I really like them, but they are simply too heavy and big for home use, unless of course you have a separate room designated as a home gym. If you want something you can use to work out in front of your TV, even a Peleton is going to take over the living room.

    This unit solves the dilemma how to watch TV while using your treadmill in your living room, and still keep your living room looking like a living room, and not a home gym. As you can see from the picture I took, the treadmill is small enough to slide under my couch when not in use. I doubt there's many treadmills that are able to do that, and still provide you with an excellent workout. This does an excellent job of meeting all my needs, without being a burden to the drest of the family.

    It is quiet, it is stable, and it can be moved without much effort. The ease of moving it around, is enhanced by a wheel that allows you to roll it around by holding one end up.

    I probably wouldn't recommend this to somebody that doesn't have decent balance, because as far as I can tell there is no handle to hold onto when you're on it. This is both good and bad, as it gives you the option of using free weights to work your arms at the same time, giving you something closer to a full body workout. I had an injury that I'll probably never fully recover from, that affected my balance. It has gotten better, due in part to using a wobble board. I'm having no problem with this, but in the early days after my injury, it would've been difficult, if not impossible. Initially, I held onto my husband, until I got the feel of using this treadmill, and now, even using it with weights doesn't put me off balance. I think it is wide enough and long enough to accommodate most people.

    The display shows time, distance, calories burned, and the speed of the treadmill. The maximum speed for this is 4 miles an hour. It accelerates with the use of a remote control, which I put on a lanyard, and wear around my neck. This frees up my hands for using the weights. To get to 4 miles an hour, you step through about 32 levels. This means increases and decreases in speed can be very gradual. It starts gently and stops gently, so you don't have to worry about being thrown off this machine by unexpected movements.

    This is a game changer and possibly a lifesaver for me. I have a heart condition and need exactly this kind of exercise, to keep feeling good and stay out of the hospital. This is convenient and accessible. It is exactly what I needed right now in my life. I'm so happy with this product. If you need to just get your body moving in the most hassle free way possible, this is your ticket. The price is excellent and this treadmill is living room friendly, especially for people that don't want their living room to look like a gym.

    Anna Nguyen
    Home office addition

    I’m pretty pleased with the purchase so far. Installation was easy as it took me 10 min at most to unbox. Treadmill is ready out of the box with no assembly needed. Very sturdy and durable. I wouldn’t put it to over 2.5mph though, it is built for waking not full scale running. I pace on it during work and it is not too loud to disrupt my thinking. Will update to see how long this lasts me.

    Jiahua xu
    Easy use

    I’ve been use this product 3days and feels very good, easy to set up and only takes me 2 minutes. I just put it in my room and walk 30 minutes everyday, most important thing is this product not take me a lot money. I really enjoy it.

    It took 10 minutes to set up amazing.

    Great for the price would by again.

    keeps me moving

    I use this in my office and it helps me to gain my steps for the day. It does not take up a lot of room and is super light weight. I can easily take it to my office and back home without a lot of hassle. I would recommend this to anyone that has a desk job and needs or wants to get up and move. Perfect way to gain control of your health.