Spacewalk E3 Treadmill

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Ergonomic Manual Incline: Featuring a unique folding design, One-push incline activation, making it more convenient and quicker than other manual incline walking pad. Compared to a regular treadmill, Using the UREVO manual incline treadmill will enhance fat-burning efficiency by 30%.
Dual Shock Absorption Design: The UREVO incline walking pad includs 8 silicone shock absorbers and a five-layer running belt, offering superior knee protection and enhancing overall comfort during your workout. This design keeps the treadmill's sound level below 40 dB, ensuring it won't disturb your family or neighbors' rest.
Magnetic Remote Control & LED Display: The magnetic remote control, conveniently stored in a compartment, helps prevent misplacement and features a one-touch mute function to eliminate button noise. The LED display shows real-time workout data, including distance, speed, time, and calories, allowing you to easily track your progress.
Satisfactory Service: Equipped with a 2.25HP motor, supporting users weighing up to 265 pounds and offers a speed range of 0.6-4mph, catering to both walking and jogging needs. When combined with the incline function, it enables more effective calorie burning.
Powerful but Quiet Motor: UREVO is dedicated to providing high-quality treadmills and after-sales service, and we promise to offer a one-year warranty. Consumers can contact us at any time, and we will provide satisfactory service to every customer.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 113 reviews
    Minimal, easy to use, auto incline

    Perfect walking pad! Came fully assembled - just had to plug it in. My only complaint is that the incline definitely does not go to 9 like a normal treadmill. The highest is maybe 5 or 6. But still better than no incline on just about all other walking pads I was looking at.

    Excellent incline under desk treadmill

    Works great and is quiet. Able to do it while I work from home. Easy to set up and get started.

    Easy to assemble, compact, easy to use

    When I was first shopping around for treadmills, I wanted something that wasn’t too bulky nor inconvenient to put away to put away (if needed), but was big enough for me to walk on without tripping or anything. Then I came across this treadmill.

    This treadmill was GREAT! Although I almost thought I didn’t get the package, it was delivered to my garage (so be careful and check!). This treadmill has enough weight, so its not super durable and won’t break. However, it is also light enough to carry and move around, as it comes with WHEELS to push the treadmill around (as needed). When I walk on top of the treadmill, it doesn’t feel like I’m about to fall off, yet, it doesn’t feel bulky neither. I can adjust the speed and even the incline (it can be higher than you think) to where it’s almost comparable to a bigger treadmill. However, I would recommend that you put this treadmill next to something with a flat surface in case you ever need some type of support.

    I also like the parts it came with (a VERY small but functional remote, which I appreciate that you can put on your wrist when working out), manual, and even oil to re-oil your treadmill (as needed).

    This item is definitely more than I bargained it, and it is a purchase I am so glad I invested in!


    Works great!


    Excellent quality