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Level Up Your Home Workouts


Walking Pad with 5%, 7%, and Max 9% Auto Incline treadmills that feature various resistance levels, you can fully customize your workout the way you deem fit.

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At-Work Fitness Made Easy


Under Desk Treadmill for Home/Office can take your workout to the next level. Whether you’re walking or running, our folding treadmills and standing desk treadmills are easy to move.

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Connected with Urevo APP

With its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, you can connect it to the UREVO app,record and access your workout reports. Whether you're a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, the UREVO treadmill and sports app have got you covered.


Not Only a Walking & Running Treadmill

Urevo 3 in 1 treadmill innovatively combines the advantages of treadmills, walking machines and working machines. The large removeable table can hold a laptop, books and more. Being busy with work and study can also satisfy the need of exercise.


Save Your Space

The convenient foldable design provides you with more storage space. It is small and thin, There are two wheels at the bottom, allowing you to move the treadmill easily and effortlessly after folding. and can be stored under tables and sofas.

Humans weren’t meant to sit all day

It’s time to give your office chair a rest. Not surprisingly, studies have shown that sitting for 8+ hours a day has a negative impact on your health. You shouldn’t have to wait until after work to feel healthy and get your body moving. Stay productive and healthy by trying Urevo’s office treadmill desks and under desk bikes.

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Love this walking pad. It’s so easy to set up and use. The machine works well and it fits in my small apartment. It is easy to store. I would definitely recommend to all my work from home friends! I use it all the time. Such a great purchase!

I have walked over 300 miles on it already and not a bad thing to say about it! My new walking pad is great! Quiet compared to my previous walking pad. I walked so much on my previous walking pad (different brand) that I burned up the motor. This walking pad has many more features goes up in increments of .1 mph, counts your steps, and does not shut off after a certain amount of time!

Really glad I chose this treadmill over the others I looked at. It's quiet and smooth, no friction when you step that slows down your stride. I am getting over a medical issue I was down and out for a few months, and using this in my home office at my desk has helped me get back my mobility, stamina, and strength. I use it about 2 hours a day, and just roll it over to the side and alternate sit/standing the rest of the time. Works really well for a standing desk setup.

I bought this instead and am so pleased with it. It took me awhile to get consistent walking on it but even from the start typing/walking was very easy. The treadmill is smooth and quiet. I hung the remote from my desktop to easily control it. Easy to roll away and stores underneath the sofa in my office. Very happy that i purchased this one!