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Urevo Strol U1 Treadmill
James Locatelli
Love it

Shipping was fast, it’s just what I hoped for. I get steps while on internet or watching games.

Horrible customer service

I received my walking pad it is not working I keep getting an error. Website says 14 day return I have emailed and called several times and they are not resolving my issue. I get emails from China which are corrupt and I get warnings from my email carrier that the email has a virus, there is no live support in the USA. Buyer beware DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY they will not honor their own policies and refuse to do right by the customer . My walking pad is not only malfunctioning with a motor error but the display is all scratched up to.

Time consuming

This treadmill doesnt stop veering off center no matter how much you tighten or oil it and it constantly slips and tugs. Its unfortunate because its so pretty but a waste of $

Minimal, easy to use, auto incline

Perfect walking pad! Came fully assembled - just had to plug it in. My only complaint is that the incline definitely does not go to 9 like a normal treadmill. The highest is maybe 5 or 6. But still better than no incline on just about all other walking pads I was looking at.

Excellent incline under desk treadmill

Works great and is quiet. Able to do it while I work from home. Easy to set up and get started.

Easy to assemble, compact, easy to use

When I was first shopping around for treadmills, I wanted something that wasn’t too bulky nor inconvenient to put away to put away (if needed), but was big enough for me to walk on without tripping or anything. Then I came across this treadmill.

This treadmill was GREAT! Although I almost thought I didn’t get the package, it was delivered to my garage (so be careful and check!). This treadmill has enough weight, so its not super durable and won’t break. However, it is also light enough to carry and move around, as it comes with WHEELS to push the treadmill around (as needed). When I walk on top of the treadmill, it doesn’t feel like I’m about to fall off, yet, it doesn’t feel bulky neither. I can adjust the speed and even the incline (it can be higher than you think) to where it’s almost comparable to a bigger treadmill. However, I would recommend that you put this treadmill next to something with a flat surface in case you ever need some type of support.

I also like the parts it came with (a VERY small but functional remote, which I appreciate that you can put on your wrist when working out), manual, and even oil to re-oil your treadmill (as needed).

This item is definitely more than I bargained it, and it is a purchase I am so glad I invested in!

Works great!

Excellent quality

Great purchase to keep moving during long at home work days

Urevo Strol 1 Treadmill
Perfect for small places

I was looking for a treadmill that I would use while on work phone calls. I work from home so was looking to exercise while working. This treadmill is perfect for small places. I live in a studio and placed it next to my desk. Works perfectly for what I was looking for. I highly recommend it.

Urevo Strol 1 Treadmill
Virtuoso Fan
Ideal for Home Office

I work from my home office most of the time and I'm also an avid runner and health & fitness freak. Sometimes, the virtual meetings would extend for well over an hour and that made me think that I need a standup desk as I really don't like to sit for more than 45 minutes straight. Then, I thought I may as well add an under desk treadmill to walk while I'm working for recovery purposes and also add in some easy miles for warmups and cooldowns for my vigorous runs outdoors.

This Urevo 2-in-1 under desk treadmill has turned out to be the perfect solution for my needs. I considered around half-dozen treadmills and this one seemed to have the best combination of features and versatility I wanted. It's compact and easy to move out of the way when I do want to sit down. It's quiet enough for work while walking. It provides enough speed for easy/slow runs and even for some rigorous workouts. It's also priced reasonably for a good value-for-price quotient.

As for the cons, it's a bit noisy when you increase the speed for running to 5mph and up. I'd crank up the music on the speakers for running or use ANC earbuds. It doesn't have any programming for advanced workouts or incline but that is expected for a treadmill at this price point. I would have especially welcomed the incline feature for more rigorous walks. These quibbles aside, I find it perfect for my requirements in the home office. I wouldn't recommend it for serious running and I wouldn't recommend it for those who only want to walk but, for those who want to walk as well as put in some easy-to-moderate pace runs, I highly recommend it.

Urevo Strol 1 Treadmill
So far so good with daily 1-2miles usage

I have been using it daily (1-2miles) for a month. 3-5mph. It performs well enough compared to other brands I got to use at work.

Had to adjust the belt to recenter it.

A few quirks:
- "pause" has a bug which will always brutaly stop the treadmill once it reaches 0.6mph instead of slowing down all the way to 0mph as the "stop" does.
- the initial oiling procedure can easily lead to spilling. I pulled out the rubber cover completely and made sure to not overfill the hole in the sponge.

Do not block motor vents on the underside: for example thick carpet seems like a bad idea. Put something flat underneath.
Like all (4) desk treadmills i have used, sometimes when missing a step, the belt slips for a brief instant.

Urevo Strol 1 Treadmill
Carla Bainbridge
Best purchase I've ever made

I bought this treadmill over a year ago and since then I've used it every single day. In the morning I do 3 miles of walking/jogging while I'm checking my work emails. I'm so happy I bought this!

Urevo Strol 1 Treadmill
Love the strength of the motor!

Bought this after gaining a few lbs during the last year, so I decided to do something while I'm in my office. This machine doesn't take up much room, it's perfectly wide enough to make me feel secure while running on it, and extrememly sturdy. my only complain is that i wish the machine would go faster than 3.8 mph when the handle is down, but i get why they did that.

Urevo Strol 1 Treadmill
Kindle Customer
Nice and compact

It comes totally assembled so it's very easy to set up (but the box is large and heavy so you'll likely need two people to carry it). I've used it a couple of times now for about 40 minutes each time and had a good experience. It runs smooth, and I like the light up display. I haven't yet built up the confidence to try running on it though, and have maxed around 3 mph. I'd say it's also pretty quiet, not silent but enough to not disturb neighbors in an apartment building. My one complaint is that it's been a bit difficult to move around. It does have wheels and moves like a wheelbarrow but I've had some trouble turning it whenever I move it to set up.
Overall very happy with my experience with it so far.

Urevo Strol 1 Treadmill
Perfect Treadmill for My Work Office!

I bought this product to get more steps in during the day at my work place. I don't have an extremely large office, however, the treadmill fits great in one of the corners. There is plenty of space for it to be stored when I'm not using it, and also fits great under my desk when I am using it. It's easy to move, but could be a little heavy depending on the user. I love the remote control that can control the speed and easily pause while I'm using it. There's also an option to have a handrail, however, I have not used that yet.

Overall a great treadmill / walking pad!

PERFECT for small Spaces

We absolutely LOVE our 3-in-1 Treadmill. It is perfect for use whenever we dont want to walk outside in the rain/snow. Customer service has been amazing with any slight issue that we have had. Originally purchased a different product, but returned for this one, the best decision that we could have made!

My wife is happy with this great treadmill :)

I got this treadmill so I can use it and now my wife is the one using it more than me cause she loves it (and I do too).
It is compact slick and does the job very well
Highly recommended

Urevo Strol 1 Treadmill
Renae meserve
Sleek look

I have this for my desk at work and it very sleek looking, quiet and very easy to maneuver. I'm very happy with it and have been getting in over 10k steps a day!

High quality treadmill capable of fast speeds

I bought this treadmill specifically for its ability to be used both unfolded and folded up. Since I live in a small house, this is almost a necessity. It was also relatively low cost, which is impressive given its high quality metal construction.

The treadmill allows for extremely fast speeds, ranging from 0.2 to a maximum of 8.6 miles per hour, which is extremely speedy for its size. It also comes with a handy desk for working, and has a folding tablet/phone stand. Using this blocks the regular controls, but it also comes with a remote with storage in both the treadmill base and the desk.

One minor downside to the treadmill I have found is that it tends to give me static shocks occasionally. I put a towel over the handrests, and I have not experienced the issue anymore.

Overall, the treadmill, in the last month I have been using it, is of exceptionally high quality, and can support a wide range of speeds for both walkers and runners. Unfortunately, it does not have a inclination mechanism, but this is not a feature to be expected in such a compact treadmill.

Sleek look

I have this for my desk at work and it very sleek looking, quiet and very easy to maneuver. I'm very happy with it and have been getting in over 10k steps a day!

Urevo Strol 1 Treadmill
Amazon Customer
Love it!

I bought this treadmill to walk on while at work, I absolutely love it, it��s not loud and if I wear headphones during a work call, my colleagues can��t hear it either. It��s easy to maneuver works perfectly! The remote is easy to use and I like that I have to options of using the handles or keeping them on the ground.


I am over the moon thrilled with my new UREVO WALKING PAD, PORTABLE UNDER DESK TREADMILL WITH REMOTE CONTROL AND LED DISPLAY. I've always had my doubts that a small, flat, lightweight treadmill would actually be able to meet my fitness goals and needs. I've only ever used the ones they have at the gym. I really like them, but they are simply too heavy and big for home use, unless of course you have a separate room designated as a home gym. If you want something you can use to work out in front of your TV, even a Peleton is going to take over the living room.

This unit solves the dilemma how to watch TV while using your treadmill in your living room, and still keep your living room looking like a living room, and not a home gym. As you can see from the picture I took, the treadmill is small enough to slide under my couch when not in use. I doubt there's many treadmills that are able to do that, and still provide you with an excellent workout. This does an excellent job of meeting all my needs, without being a burden to the drest of the family.

It is quiet, it is stable, and it can be moved without much effort. The ease of moving it around, is enhanced by a wheel that allows you to roll it around by holding one end up.

I probably wouldn't recommend this to somebody that doesn't have decent balance, because as far as I can tell there is no handle to hold onto when you're on it. This is both good and bad, as it gives you the option of using free weights to work your arms at the same time, giving you something closer to a full body workout. I had an injury that I'll probably never fully recover from, that affected my balance. It has gotten better, due in part to using a wobble board. I'm having no problem with this, but in the early days after my injury, it would've been difficult, if not impossible. Initially, I held onto my husband, until I got the feel of using this treadmill, and now, even using it with weights doesn't put me off balance. I think it is wide enough and long enough to accommodate most people.

The display shows time, distance, calories burned, and the speed of the treadmill. The maximum speed for this is 4 miles an hour. It accelerates with the use of a remote control, which I put on a lanyard, and wear around my neck. This frees up my hands for using the weights. To get to 4 miles an hour, you step through about 32 levels. This means increases and decreases in speed can be very gradual. It starts gently and stops gently, so you don't have to worry about being thrown off this machine by unexpected movements.

This is a game changer and possibly a lifesaver for me. I have a heart condition and need exactly this kind of exercise, to keep feeling good and stay out of the hospital. This is convenient and accessible. It is exactly what I needed right now in my life. I'm so happy with this product. If you need to just get your body moving in the most hassle free way possible, this is your ticket. The price is excellent and this treadmill is living room friendly, especially for people that don't want their living room to look like a gym.