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Errors Signals

1.Switch off the power.

2.Open the motor cover or dash cover to see if the wiring is connected properly

1.Switch off the power. 

2.Open the motor cover to check for external objects.

3.Pull the running belt by hand to see if it is stuck.

1. Check for proper installation of safety locks
2. Switch off the power.Check that the instrument's wires are properly installed

Foldi Mini

Yes, reviewed by many customers the Foldi Mini treadmill holds many pros that can get every penny you pay. Such as, the price is super affordable for what you get, the size is compact and easy to maneuver, works well for walking and jogging without any extra setup, Considering many aspects, foldi mini treadmill is worth it.

Speed Ranges from 0.6-6.2 MPH, you have enough support to walk and jog 、running.

HIIT is beneficial to the body to burn calories faster and is internationally recognized as the most effective method of reducing fat. There are 12 sets of intermittent aerobic training programs. After setting the program, you can achieve intermittent aerobic exercise without manual adjustment.

Folid Mini folding treadmill for home is 49.6 LBS, and it has two wheels and a handrail to wheel it away, so it can be moved easily.

Yes. Don't need to do any extra assembly, open the package box, you will get a complete walking machine. 

General Questions

1. First distinguish the source of the noise, whether it is from the motor or the noise of the running belt.
2. From the motor: add lubricant and let it run on its own for 15 minutes. If there is still noise, turn off the machine and remove the motor cover. Check if there is any external objects on the motor.
3. From the running belt: Tighten the running belt a little.

Contact the customer service team to replace the switch

1.Make sure the battery is installed correctly
2. Replace the battery with a new one (normal battery life is 1-2 months)
3. Re-pair the remote control with the treadmill according to the instructions.

The burning smell is due to the motor overheating. Firstly you need to make sure that there is no carpet under the treadmill. Switch off the treadmill for an hour and open a window to dissipate the smell.
Then add lubricant under the running belt and let it run on its own for 15 minutes

1. Switch off the power.
2. Open the motor cover and check if the small belt next to the motor is off
3. Push down the running belt by hand to see if it can drag normally

1. Place the treadmill on the floor and make sure it is smooth. If it is not stable, adjust the padded feet at the bottom.
2. Adjust to the highest speed and run for 1-3 minutes (note that the treadmill is rotating on its own).
3. If the treadmill is leaning to the left, adjust the screws on the left rear corner guard and rotate it 45° clockwise. Observe for 1-2 minutes to see if it is centred.
4. If it is to the right, adjust the screw of the right rear corner guard and turn it 45° clockwise. Observe for 1-2 minutes to see if it is centred.

The running belt is slipping because it is too loose and needs to be tightened, do the following:
1. Let the treadmill rotate on its own at its highest speed. (Make sure no one is on the treadmill.)
2. At the same time, adjust the screws on the left and right side corner protectors and turn them 45° clockwise.
3. Observe the running belt running for 1-2 minutes and then turn off the machine
4. Re-start the machine and check if it is still slipping with low speed. If it still slips, repeat the above actions until the running belt is tightened.

  1. Turn off the treadmill.
  2. 2.Remove the motor cover and check for loose wire controls. If loose, reinstall it.

1. Turn off the treadmill.
2. Open the cover of the screen, check if there is a loose wire and install it.
3. if it still doesn't work, change the screen.

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Product FAQs

Urevo Strol U1 slim folding treadmill for home is 55 LBS, and it has two wheels to wheel it away, so it can be moved easily.

Yes, of course. The Strol U1 treadmill can be placed flat or vertically against the wall, and it's more convenient to put it upright.

Because Urevo treadmill adopts high-end patent wear-resistant material on the EVA buffer layer, which ensures high cushioning ability to protect our ankles and knee, you don't need to face the muddy road and danger guy outside, as well as poor weather can't stop off your workout, so Urevo treadmill at home is good for you to keep health and safety.

Yes. Usually the Urevo Strol U1 walking pad can be used for over 5 years, if maintained well, the lifetime will extend effectively. The sturdy aluminum frame structure is not only beautiful, but also very strong, matched with a brushless motor, not only ensures you a quiet workout environment, but also long service time.

The  Strol U1 treadmill is portable and convenient to store, which avoid your workout be stopped by bad weather and busy work, and offers more freedom for you to exercise, push you to move more, burn more calories and increase metabolism, then lose weight.

Yes. Don't need to do any extra assembly, open the package box, you will get a complete walking machine.

The expansion dimension of the U1 treadmill is 58.5"D x 21.7"W x 4.2"H, which is a perfect size for running.

The data memory function, which can keep a record of data during a 10-minute pause without interrupting your data accumulation.


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