Urevo Spacewalk E5 Treadmill


Advanced Shock Absorption System: Experience unparalleled comfort with our walking pad's dual shock absorption technology. With 8 internal silicone shock absorbers, 2 soft rubber pads, and a 5-layer running belt, enjoy reduced impact on your joints and a quieter workout, ensuring every step feels smoother and more supportive than ever before.
Enhanced Cooling Efficiency: Elevate your treadmill's performance and longevity with our upgraded airflow cooling system. Designed for optimal energy efficiency, it effectively dissipates heat, keeping your treadmill running smoothly for longer durations, even during intense workouts.
Intuitive LED Display and Safety Features: Stay informed and in control with our treadmill's intuitive LED display panel. Track your progress effortlessly with real-time data on speed, calories, time, distance, and step count. Plus, with the added safety of an emergency key, you can exercise with confidence, knowing you're always in command of your workout.
Versatile Space-Saving Design: Maximize your space without compromising on functionality with our treadmill's innovative design. Featuring a side-mounted power supply, it easily fits into tight spaces, allowing vertical storage against walls or cabinets. Perfect for home offices, study rooms, or any area where space is limited, our treadmill seamlessly adapts to your lifestyle needs, whether it's nestled next to bookshelves, under office desks, or conveniently tucked away when not in use.

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    UREVO Spacewalk E5: Portable Fitness Solution

    Elevate your fitness with the compact UREVO Spacewalk E5. Smaller and lighter, it offers seamless storage options for your convenience, empowering you to prioritize fitness anytime, anywhere.

    Conquer Bad Weather with Indoor Fitness

    Defy harsh weather conditions and maintain your fitness routine effortlessly indoors with our treadmill. No longer let external factors disrupt your lifestyle as you and your pet stay active and healthy within the comfort of your home.

    Elevated Comfort for Running and Working

    Experience unmatched comfort with our treadmill's innovative shock absorption system. Featuring dual shock technology with 2 external and 8 internal absorbers, plus a 5-layer running belt, it minimizes impact for quiet, comfortable workouts and work sessions.

    Upgraded Convection Cooling System

    Advanced Honeycomb Shock Absorbers

    Ready for Anytime Workout

    Small, sleek, and easily storable, our treadmill fits anywhere you desire. Its compact design ensures effortless storage, allowing you to exercise whenever and wherever you please.

    Dual Control Options and LED Display

    Enjoy the convenience of physical buttons and remote control for seamless operation, complemented by an LED display rotating between speed, calories, time, distance, and step count, allowing you to track your workout data in real-time.

    Ready for Anytime Workout

    Physical Buttons

    Vertical Stand Support Component

    What's in the Box